Bellingham Apartments With Assigned Parking Spots
We’ve all been there: circling block after block, sometimes at night, to find a spot to stash your car after a long day at work, school, or out on the town. At Monterra Apartments in Bellingham, WA, that struggle is a thing of the past, with our assigned parking policies. All of our residents are guaranteed their very own spot—one-bedroom residents are assigned one spot, and two-bedrooms receive two parking spots—allowing for added convenience, comfort, and safety.

Some other rental communities entice residents by promising a parking garage or on-site parking; however, when it comes to actual assignments, it may be a free-for-all. Without assigned parking, residents could be fighting for spots, pushed out by visitors, or simply spending way too much time driving around and around looking for a parking space close enough to home. All of those complications can significantly disrupt the quality of residents’ living experience.

The value of assigned parking is especially significant at Monterra Apartments in Bellingham, WA, because of the location. The area is conveniently located right near I-5 and many of the region’s leading educational, employment, and nightlife opportunities, so many residents take advantage of the drivability of the area to enjoy all that it has to offer. Our apartments are popular with students at Western Washington University, who can drive to and from classes and other campus activities throughout the day without having to worry about finding a parking spot at home. Likewise, local employees can enjoy a quick commute after a long day at the office and, with an assigned parking spot, can cruise right home to kick back and enjoy the many other amenities on site. On the weekend, residents may want to go out and about town to visit Bellingham’s many shops, restaurants, and cultural sites but, in other rental communities, might be hesitant to give up a prime parking spot for such a trip. At Monterra Apartments, however, residents are free to enjoy all that the town and the surrounding area have to offer without having to sacrifice their comfort.

Assigned parking may not be an amenity that’s on the top of your list as you search for your next apartment, but when you consider all of the hassles it can save and the value that it adds to your living experience, it’s a must-have! Contact us today to find out more about our community or to schedule a tour!