Bars & Breweries in Bellingham, WA
You don’t have to be an up-until-all-hours night owl to appreciate a fine brew. Sometimes kicking back with a unique, well-concocted IPA is the best way to de-stress after a long day at the office. So, if you’re on the hunt for a new home and you love a good beer, know that there are plenty of bars and breweries near apartments in Bellingham … and we’ve got the perfect selection for you.
Swim Club Wet Bar
Don’t get it twisted. While this might sound like some kind of party-centric pool party, it’s anything but. Come here for the extensive cocktail menu that includes such concoctions as Kalimotxo (Tempranillo, lime essence, spices, and cola) and The Corduroy (naked grouse scotch, Averna, and orange bitters). Nibbles include delectable plates of chickpea fries, salmon Crudo, and steak tartare. Feeling extra adventurous? You can even order The Full Monty … or, every single plate on the menu. (We suggest bringing a friend or two for this one.)
Boundary Bay Brewery
With a self-professed mission to “save the ale,” this place seeks to brew only the best that you’ll find in all of Bellingham. (They also concoct a fine selection of lagers.) There are some staples you’ll always find on the menu (like the Best Bitter ESB, Bellingham Blonde, and Cedar Dust IPA), but be on the lookout for the specialty, rare batches (like the Dad Bod IPA and the Ekstatik Nostratik). The latter is never around for very long, so if you see one on the menu, we'd suggest ordering.
Aslan Brewery
The four-vessel system at this brewery is responsible for making a whole line of award-winning beverages, including the Berliner-Style Weisse, Brown Porter, and Hazy IPA. As much as this brewery is about the beer menu, it also has a food selection that includes vegan, vegetarian and even gluten-free options. Start off by digging into a creamy-crispy plate of waffle-fry poutine before you try to wrap your mouth around the towering bison burger. (Trust us ... the latter is quite the feat.)
Kulshan Brewing Co.
Sustainability is the name of the game at this brewery, while still delivering high-quality ales that reflect the tastes of the Pacific Northwest. No matter the time of year, you’ll always be able to find their Heliotrope, Bastard Kat, and Sunnyland (all India pale ales). But also be on the lookout for seasonal choices like the Greenwood (summer ale), Kitten Mittens (winter ale), and Party in the Woods (a session IPA).
As you can see, bars and breweries near apartments in Bellingham abound. The toughest choice you have now is deciding which one to visit first. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a tour!